welcome to fresh eggs!

Fresh eggs is a communal blog devoted to sustainable food -- organic and biodynamic farming, traditional and vegetarian cooking, farmer's markets and community supported agriculture, local food, raw food, slow food, and the many other ways people are challenging conventional, centralized agribusiness.


cindymonkey said...

great idea for a blog! the first thing i thought of was to share the information about egg farms in the area. i only recently found out that there are only two farms that sell eggs where the chickens are free range - meaning outdoors (the others simply mean not in cages but are kept indoors) and where the chickens are not debeaked. they are three wise hens (part of eatwell farms) and marin sun farms. you can get these fresh organic eggs at rainbow grocery and the ferry plaza farmers market. i just started getting the eggs from three wise hens and not only do i feel better eating eggs from sustainably and humanely raised chickend - they also TASTE AMAZING!!

jordan1.0 said...

the funny thing is that pastured eggs were exactly what i had in mind when i chose the name of this blog! i just tried three wise hens eggs too, and they are wonderful. the best part, though (besides being humanely raised and delicious), is that some of the eggs have a lovely bluish-green color! i managed to save the shell of one of them -- it was just too pretty to discard.

Mike said...

Kudos for spawning the new community.

Since this got a bit of a bug up my ass, here're a couple of relevant links (likely things you've seen before as I'm new to an area where sustainable agriculture is a viable reality.)
Found on http://www.mouthfulsfood.com/ , a starter collection of Bay Area restaurants that support local growers:
http://www.globalcommunity.org/vhd/eatsusbay.pdf , which contains starter info on community gardens in the Bay Area.